San Francisco, June 6, 2015. LandingZone, the company that makes the best-selling and most affordable docking solutions for MacBook computers, is displaying its full line of MacBook docking stations at DevFocus for the very first time.

Called LandingZone, the docking stations are available for nearly all MacBooks in 11-inch 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. The LandingZone docking station has a slim and elegant body, slanted slightly to raise the MacBook for better ergonomic use. Every docking station provides a number of ports to expand the usefulness of the MacBook. It also provides a mechanism for locking your notebook securely at your desk or home. Depending on the MacBook model, the docking station retails for $49-$199.

To use the LandingZone, the MacBook simply snaps into the bar-shaped dock and instantly connects to all of your peripherals. Connect a variety of ports, from dual monitors to external hard drives, to Gigabit Ethernet and to peripheral devices of all kind. Once connected, the computer can be locked to protect the MacBook. While docked, the MacBook’s screen, keyboard and trackpad are fully usable.

The LandingZone products have found wide acceptance in companies of all sizes, hospitals, financial institutions, schools and sales organizations, as well as individual users.

Sales have more than doubled each year since 2012 when infiniWing introduced its first model for the MacBook Air. There are now four models for MacBook Air through MacBook Pro with Retina display notebooks.

2014 marked the company’s major expansion in distribution into Europe, Asia, and more recently in 2015, into Australia and Israel.

We are currently working on a dock for the 12-inch MacBook that will integrate with the new Type-C USB connection. An announcement of this product will come later this year.

Come visit us at DevFocus this Sunday for a demonstration and receive discount coupons!

About infiniWing
InfiniWing founded LandingZone in 2011 to solve the problem of docking a MacBook computer to a series of desktop peripherals. While there have been many solutions for PC computers, there were no similar solutions for MacBooks. So the company decided to change that. Working with engineers and designers from Apple, IDEO, and Samsung to invent the best-selling MacBook docks, LandingZone remains a small Silicon Valley company with humble roots and grand ideas.

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Cynlie Wang
PR & Marketing