The Gadgeteer

"It will definitely be staying on my desk"

The Gadgeteer

"By far the easiest Macbook Pro dock"

Mac Sources

"Couldn’t be happier with what it brings to my workflow"

Mac Sources

"Very unique, but also helpful." (IONA)


"It has truly transformed my workspace"

The Verge

"The best part about this docking station is its simplicity"

Cult of Mac

"A wealth of new USB ports and security benefits"


"Two things the MacBook Air lacks"


"As docking stations go, this one seems worthy of the well-designed air"


"Reduce cable clutter and improve security"

Fast Company

"No fuss, no muss"


"Not only elevates the laptop for better air ventilation, but will also add a series of ports"

G Style Magazine

"It’s great to have a dock station that will mirror the MacBook’s sleek style."


"It's a great solution"

Fox News Latino

"Los usuarios del MacBook Air se verán satisfecho "MacBook Air users will be satisfied"

Mom Central

"Instantly connected to all my devices!"

Frequent Business Traveler

"The symbiosis between the two devices is undeniable"

GeekBeat.TV: Editor’s Choice Award 2013


Connected DW

"All in all this is a great piece of kit and a must have addition"


"As simple as it gets"


"A simple but elegant docking solution"

"Transform your mobile computer into a workstation"

Mac Observer

"Aims to create an innovative and useful docking station"

Business Insider

"You snap your laptop into it, and BOOM!"

Venture Beat

"An impressive add-on for Apple’s wildly popular MacBook Air laptop that could turn some heads"

Cult of Mac

"Keeping your MacBook Air locked safe in its jaws until you — and not some thief — comes by to free it"


"Offers a variety of options to enhance your MBA"


"As a doofus who just set up a standing deck, this would be a lifesaver"

Rob Calem

"The functionality of the computer’s other Thunderbolt port is leveraged via the DOCK’s Mini DisplayPort"


"A no brainer for those who work in public spaces"