The first model in its new lineof locking docking stations for MacBook/MacBookPro computers

 Answers the long awaited need to provide a full array of 10 ports for the single-port model

Brings the functionality of a full desktop to the slim 12-inch MacBook

CES, Las Vegas, January 5, 2017– LandingZone is pleased to announce the availability of its 12-inch MacBook secure docking station. This latest model is the first in its new series of docking solutions for the MacBook and MacBook Pro, Apple’s new generation of notebook computers.

The LandingZone Docking Station for the 12-inch MacBook adds a complement of ports in a small compact package that can sit on a desk or travel with the computer. In addition to providing an expansion of ports, the dock can securely lock the notebook to a desk or table.

The dock has an MSRP of $229. Pre-orders will begin next week and the docking station will begin shipping in late January. It will be shown at the 2017 CES show in Las Vegas (Booth 35023) from January 5-8.

The 12-inch MacBook Docking Station

The 12-inch MacBook docking station matches the 12-inch MacBook’s slim profile using an all-new design that is the most compact ever. A newly designed docking process makes it easier than ever to attach to the computer. Built into the dock is a Kensington Security Slot that allows the MacBook to be secured to a desk or table.

The docking station brings the functionality of a full desktop computer to the smallest MacBook ever, providing the perfect solution to address its scarcity of ports.

To use, simply place the MacBook onto the dock, slide it to the left to engage with the Type-C port, and slide the right wing of the dock to engage with the audio port on the MacBook. Once that is done the user has access to the following 10 ports:

HDMI Port, Gigabit Ethernet Port, Audio Port, SD/Micro SD Card Combo Slot, 2x USB 3.1 Type-C Ports (1x for High-Powered Charging), 2x USB 3.1 Type-A Ports (1x for High-Powered Charging), 1x USB 3.1 Type-C Power Delivery Port (For connecting the MacBook’s power adapter).

The benefits of the docking stations for the MacBook and MacBook Pro are greater than ever with the removal of the legacy ports from the new line of MacBook computers.


LandingZone has provided a full line of docking solutions for MacBook computers since 2012. Their products are sold in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia. More than 80,000 businesses, institutions, and individuals, including many Fortune 500 companies, are using LandingZone docking stations.

How its Used

Many customers leave their docking station in their office with all of their peripherals connected while they travel, and upon return, attach their computer to the dock for instant connection to their monitors, keyboards, drives, etc.and to prevent theft. In addition, others travel with the lightweight dock to provide more capability while on the road.

About LandingZone

LandingZone is a privately-help Silicon Valley company committed to creating the best docking solutions for Apple products, using the most advanced technology that provides the greatest compatibility and reliability. Every product is fully tested and guaranteed for one year. The company provides all of its customer service and support from its San Jose location.

LandingZone’s first product was a docking station for the MacBook Air, and expanded its line to provide docking solutions for all MacBook Pro with Retina models. There are currently 6 models in the lineup. For more information, contact us at the number below or go to

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