The simple, elegant, and easy-to-use docking station that transforms your MacBook Air into the desktop workstation has created a lot of buzz. Here are some praises from respected media outlets.

  • iMore

    Reduce cable clutter and improve security for your MacBook Pro

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  • 9to5Mac

    A much cleaner desk with no cable mess

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  • The Verge

    A must for those who use their Airs as a desktop computer

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  • GeekBeat.TV: Editor’s Choice Award 2013


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  • TechnoBuffalo

    Offers a variety of options to enhance your MBA

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  • Rob Calem

    The functionality of the computer’s other Thunderbolt port is leveraged via the DOCK’s Mini DisplayPort

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  • Mom Central

    Instantly connected to all my devices!

    Article by Stacy DeBroff, the views expressed are entirely her own
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  • Cult of Mac

    It’s hard to fault

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  • Fox News Latino

    Los usuarios del MacBook Air se verán satisfecho

    "MacBook Air users will be satisfied"
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    (Spanish Language)
  • Frequent Business Traveler

    The symbiosis between the two devices is undeniable

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  • 9to5Mac

    A no brainer for those who work in public spaces

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  • Trulynet

    It's a great solution

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  • Connected DW

    All in all this is a great piece of kit and a must have addition

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  • G Style Magazine

    A dock station that will mirror the MacBook’s sleek style

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  • Cult of Mac

    Keeping your MacBook Air locked safe in its jaws until you — and not some thief — comes by to free it

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  • Softpedia

    As simple as it gets

  • Electronista

    A simple but elegant docking solution

  • MacRumors

    Two things the MacBook Air lacks


    Transform your mobile computer into a workstation

  • Wired

    As docking stations go, this one seems worthy of the well-designed air

  • Cult of Mac

    A dock with all of the bells and whistles for your MacBook Air

  • Mac Observer

    Aims to create an innovative and useful docking station

  • Business Insider

    You snap your laptop into it, and BOOM!

  • Venture Beat

    An impressive add-on for Apple’s wildly popular MacBook Air laptop that could turn some heads

  • UberGizmo

    Not only elevates the laptop for better air ventilation, but will also add a series of ports

  • Fast Company Design

    No fuss, no muss

  • TechCrunch

    As a doofus who just set up a standing deck, this would be a lifesaver